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Name                        Hour             Description
105..Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion 1 - meridian system s and acupuncture points
Prerequisite Course:  none
105. 中國針灸1 - 經絡系統和針灸穴位

This courses deals with the theory of the meridian system of the human body and its applications in disease diagnosis and acupuncture. 1) General introduction to Channels and Collaterals: channel system, channel theory and effects, and clinical application of channel theory. 2) General introduction to acupuncture points: classification and nomenclature of points, rules for the effects and indications of points, specific points (wu shu xue, yuan xue, luo xue, xi xue etc), local anatomy of point and methods for locating points through lectures, demonstration and handson practice. 3) Channels and points (points of 14 channels and extra points). 


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